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Yes, it is possible to work professionally in the maritime industry. With the PER certification, you can work professionally in the transport of supplies, subject to certain limitations. Similarly, with the PY and CY certificates, you can work in passenger transport, subject to certain limitations. To obtain these certifications, you would need to complete a maritime specialty course, known as Basic Training, and apply to the Merchant Navy to add the “habilitaciones anejas”, (further qualifications) to your licence. If you are a Yacht Captain, you can access the PPER (Patrón Profesional de Embarcaciones de Recreo de Embarcaciones de Recreo), which is the highest level of professional qualification for working in the nautical industry.
Yes, but it is important to note that you will need the relevant certificate for your course from the academy where you attend classes, which must be endorsed by the relevant authority.
The PER (Patrón de Embarcaciones de Recreo) is the highest level of certification you can obtain without any prior experience. This certification is required if you have the objective of becoming a Yacht Skipper. Once you have acquired the necessary qualifications as a Yacht Skipper, you can begin the Yacht Captain course.
We offer distance learning courses to help you prepare for the theoretical part of your nautical qualification, but the practical lessons and exams must be taken in person. Unfortunately, there is no option of taking the entire qualification online. There are three examination centers located in Galicia, namely Ferrol, Ribeira, and Vigo. If you choose to take the practical course with Sailway, both the classroom and the fleet are situated in Vigo.
Make sure you bring a valid identity card and pens. For the PER, PY and CY exams, you will also need the necessary materials for the navigation exercises: pencils, rubber/eraser, drawing compass, protractor, set squares and a non-programmable calculator.
Licences must be renewed every 10 years (if you are over 70, you must apply for renewal every 5 years). You can apply for renewal from 3 months before the expiry date and the fee is lower than for renewing an expired licence. The documents required are the same as for the original licence (see FAQ´S: what documentation do I need in order to be issued with my qualification?).
  • Relevant application form for the licence
  • Access fee payment receipt
  • Proof you have passed the relevant medical test
We have the necessary documentation available in our office or you can also access it and the procedures online. Sailway works with several medical centres where you can have your test done.
  • Application form for the relevant exam
  • Access fee payment receipt
We have the necessary documentation available in our office or you can access it and the procedures online.
Each certificate is valid for a period of 24 months.
We are located in the city centre and there is a “blue zone” in the surrounding area and also in the nearby “Arenal” area. At weekends you are not charged for parking in “blue zone”. At weekends, parking in the “blue zone” is free. The closest car park to our office/classroom is “Parking de la Estrella”. There are the options of the A Laxe Shopping  Centre and the Real Club Náutico de Vigo, which are five and ten minutes walk away respectively, both of which offer 1 hour free parking.
The Skipper and Yacht Captian courses are held in four-hour sessions. We will make the first stop at a nearby port, where you can eat with your skipper and the rest of the group. We usually eat at a restaurant near the mooring location, but if you prefer you can also bring a packed lunch. Some of the higher PER, Skipper and Yacht  Captain courses require non-stop sailing for extended periods of time, in which case we will let you know what to bring with you.
  •  Comfortable clothing (sports style) that allows for mobility. A waterproof jacket or raincoat and warm clothing depending on the weather.
  • Boat shoes or trainers, but please note that black soles are not allowed on board. It is also recommended that they are made of non-slip material.
  • Depending on the time of year, consider bringing a hat, gloves, sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • It is advisable to bring a small backpack with water and a change of clothes in case you get wet, including a change of socks and trousers. Be sure to check the weather forecast before you set off so you can dress accordingly
The departure and arrival port is at the Real Club Náutico de Vigo.
No, you don´t need to bring anything with you. We will provide you with the necessary materials for each qualification. You can collect them from our office before or on the first day of the course.
Classes are held in our classroom at our headquarters, where you can also find our office, conveniently located in the center of Vigo, close to the Xunta de Galicia (Edificio El Tinglado – Muelle del Comercio N 2, 36201, Vigo, Pontevedra). To find our exact location on Google Maps, please click on this link: Sailway Classroom. If you are unfamiliar with the area and arriving by car or on foot, we recommend using the Xunta´s building as a reference on Google Maps to avoid any unnecessary detours. You can find the Xunta de Galicia building by clicking here. Xunta de Galicia building.