I can’t find Sailway’s office, where is it exactly?
It’s right on downtown Vigo, in the maritime station, the same building where you can buy the ferry tickets to go to Cíes, Cangas or Moaña from the Mar de Ons and Nabia companies. It’s a low building between Vigo’s royal yacht club and the A Laxe shopping center.

Where can I leave my car for the duration of the charter?
There’s a few private parkings in the area, we have a discount  arranged with one of them for our clients, only a five minutes walk away, let us know and we’ll make the reservation for you. Another option is leaving the car in the street, but only on unregulated parking spaces (the white areas as they’re called, as opposed to the blue areas where there is a 2 hour time limit) There is such an area in Beiramar St. only a 10 min. walk away from our offices.

How and where can I unload the luggage to take to the boat?
You can access Vigo’s yacht club, where our fleet is based, by car. There you can take your things to the boat making use of one of the carts available. Be advised that this is a port’s ‘loading and unloading only’ area so somebody has to stay with the car at all times.

Where do I sign the charter contract?
Our friendly staff at the main Sailway office will welcome you and assist you in all the paperwork and any doubts you might have.

Does the charter boat have all the necessary kitchenware on board?
It does, for the maximum passenger capacity for each boat.

Does the charter boat have any food on board?
No it doesn’t, in Sailway, food and drinks are the client’s responsibility. Having said that, our staff will be delighted to recommend a supermarket that can deliver straight to our offices. Our schedules is 10h-14h and 16h-20h in winter and 09h-21h in summer.

Can Sailway buy the food and drinks for me if I give you a shopping list?
Of course, but we would need your shopping list two days prior to your departure. We’ll store everything in the boat for you so everything will be ready when you arrive. There is a surcharge of 15% over the shopping bill.

Is the berth in the departure port included in the charter fee?
Yes it is, the berth in Vigo’s yacht club , where our fleet is based and where you’ll be departing from, is included during all days of your charter.

What other extra costs may arise?
Your charter fee does not include berths at any other marina other than Vigo’s yacht club, as well as the gasoil for the boat and the food and drinks. If you hire a skipper, beside his wages you’ll have to cover for his food expenses. The cleaning fees are compulsory for every charter. After returning the boat in the same condition as it was handed your deposit will be returned.

Is it necessary to know how to sail in order to charter a boat?
Not at all, we have a staff of professional skippers that will take care of navigation and boat handling so you can just relax and enjoy the ride.

Can I choose the route if I go with a professional skipper?
Of course, just take into account that the safety of passengers and boat is our main concern, and our skippers have the local knowledge and the weather information necessary for things to run smoothly.

Can I charter a boat if I have the necessary license but not enough experience?
Legally you could, but frankly, you shouldn’t. Sailing is fun, but it is no joke, many things can go wrong in a boat, and the sea and the weather is full of surprises, some are good and some are not so good. We recommend that if you feel you don’t have enough experience, before you put yourself and your family at risk, first take the time to go out sailing a few times with one of our skippers to gather experience, confidence and a few tricks.

How many people can go on board?
It all depends on the boats certification. Each one of our boats is certified for a certain number of passengers and crew. When you make the reservation state the exact number of people that you intend to take on board and we’ll offer you the boat that best suits your needs.

Is it mandatory to sleep on port?
Not at all. The price of the berth at Vigo’s yacht club is included in the charter fee, but that doesn’t mean that you have to come back to Vigo for the night. In fact  spending the night in one of the numerous marinas or secluded anchorages of our coast is highly recommended.

What to take with me?
First of all we recommend to take a good size sports bag instead of a wheeled rigid suitcase, since space in a boat to be shared with more people is definitely an issue, and is nice to be able to fold your bag and store it away once everything is in the cabinets, instead of having a big suitcase rolling around the boat. We recommend comfortable clothes, warm clothes, maybe a jersey and a rain jacket. Depending on the season you’ll need a bathing suit, beach towels and maybe clothes to go out for dinner one night. Don’t forget to take sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses as well as appropriate sailing shoes (no flipflops or heels) preferably with non-black rubber soles.
Besides luggage and food and drinks, you’ll need a sleeping bag in case you haven’t hired sheets and duvet. Remember as well to take your personal toiletries.
A book, playing cards and maybe a board game could also be a good idea to take along.

What’s the equipment of the boat?
All boats are equipped with the mandatory safety equipment legally stated for its cruising area and certified by the Spanish Authority.
All kitchenware to be able to cook and eat comfortably on board for the maximum number of passengers allowed for each boat.
As well as everyday miscellaneous products such as: cleaning cloths, kitchen paper, sotch brite, various soaps, bleach, mosquito spray, rubbish bags, WC cleaning product, toilet paper, tablecloth, matches and napkins.

Can I anchor in the Parque Nacional Marítimo Terrestre de las Islas Cíes without a permit?
Absolutely not, an anchoring permit is mandatory and regularly enforced.

Where and How should I request the anchoring permit?
Prior to your arrival and, in any case, 7 days prior to your preferred anchoring dates, you must communicate to our staff your intention to anchor inside the limits of the National Park and the dates you wish to do it. They will take care of everything.

Could I get fined if I anchor without a permit?
Yes you can, and the fines run up to 6.000 Eur.

Are there big tides in the Rias Baixas?
Yes there are, and they must be taken into account when anchoring or getting into some ports.
Does the boat have a special´s plugging to berth in alternative ports?
No it doesn’t, the boat does have an electrical cable to get electricity at any port.

What should I do in case of engine failure?
First of all raise the sails to still be able to control the boat, then call immediately to the Sailway phone given to you in the boats check-in and give us your GPS position so we can devise the best way to act.

What should I do in case of an accident?
You should call ASAP to the Sailway phone given to you during check-in to let us know what happened so we can figure out the best way to proceed.

Should I fill the boats gas tanks once I’m done with the charter?

Yes, you receive the boat completely full with gas and you should return it likewise, just like a car rental. Otherwise a surcharge will be imposed. The gas station closes at 20h.

Can children come along? What must be taken into account when children are on board?
Kids count as regular passengers,that’s law and there isn’t any way around it. Taking kids for a sail can be a great experience not only for them but for their parents as well. Safety with children is of the utmost importance and that’s why you must communicate to the Sailway staff how many children you’ll be taking and their approximate weight so we can provide appropriate size life jackets at no extra cost of course. It is extremely important that children are taught the basic safety procedures and various pointers that may be self evident for an adult with sailing experience but not so to a child, such as the way to move in a boat, heeling, what happens with the boom when you tack, one hand for you another for the queen, not to throw garbage to the sea and such and such.

How are the Check-in and Check-out procedures handled in Sailway?
Once the contract is signed we’ll proceed to the check-in of the boat. The technical and safety aspects are the last and definitely the most important parts during the check-in procedures. It lasts for about 45 minutes and during that time the specific characteristics of the boat and its safety equipment will be thoroughly discussed with all passengers. After it they’re welcomed into the boat and wished a happy sail.

During check-out, after your charter has ended, the boat will be revised by Sailway personnel. If no damages are found, and all the equipment is on board your security deposit will be reimbursed. However, if damages are discovered or anything is missing you may loose your deposit.

What’s the correct clothing for the sailing lessons?

  • Clothes must be comfortable. Depending on the season and forecast, you should bring warm clothes and rain gear, hat, sunscreen.
  • It is necessary to bring a raincoat under rain condition.
  • Shoe’s soles must be of light color in order to not leave any marks on the deck.
  • Bring a backpack to store all your spare clothes & equipment in order to change your clothes in the boat. All of them have cabins and a bathroom.

Where do we eat when we are on a 6 or 8 hour sailing lesson?

Normalmente se suele comer a bordo. Por eso te recomendamos que traigas un bocata y algo de bebida si el curso es superior a 4 horas.

Usually we eat on board. It is therefore highly recommended to bring snacks and drinks if the course is above 4 hours duration.

What’s the departure and arrival dock for Sailway Academy’s sailing lessons?

Departure and arrival dock is Real Club Náutico de Vigo, located at Vigo, Pontevedra.

What’s the meeting point to attend sailing courses?

The skipper will be waiting at the agreed time in front of our store. On the street, just in front of the store’s showcase.

I can’t find the Sailway store. Where is it exactly located? 

It is placed in the very “Estación Marítima de la Ría” (in Vigo), in the same building where you can buy the tickets of the Naviera Mar de Ons and Nabia to go to the Cies Islands and Cangas. The building is placed between “Real Club Náutico de Vigo” and the A Laxe Shopping Center. 

How are the boats where we teach?

They are big sailboats between 10 and 12 m of length with bathrooms and cabins in all of them.

How many people fit in the Sailway Academy’s boats?

Depending on the boat’s capacity, minimum 4 people and maximum 7 or 11 people.

Do we stop for sunbathing and swimming during the courses?

No, sailing lessons are merely instructive.