Comprhensive Wingfoil Course – Voucher

Are you interested in learning WingFoil but unsure of where to begin? Our comprehensive course will teach you the fundamentals of this exciting new sport in a safe, enjoyable, and effective manner. Our experienced instructors will guide you through each step, and you will be provided with the necessary equipment (other than weatsuits) so you can focus on learning and having fun.

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Price per person: 300,00

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Comprhensive Wingfoil Course

Our course is divided into several phases, allowing you to progress at your own pace. We use a unique methodology that incorporates various foil formats before transitioning to the Wingfoil.

Our main goal is to help you gain control of the wing and board. To ensure your safety, a professional instructor will accompany you in a motor boat throughout the course.

Qué incluye:
  • Six hours of course time.
  • Instructor who supports you from the boat.
  • Foil boards, e-foil, WingFoil.
Información de interés:
  • Gift cards available! You can request a personalised gift card to give to friends or family!
  • The departure and arrival point is the Real Club Náutico de Vigo.
  • The six-hour course is divided into three two-hour classes.
  • Access level: intermediate. It is recommended to have previous experience in surfing or another type of board sport. If you do not, we advise doing the Baptism in Foiling before.
  • Minimum age: 18 years old. We offer courses for minors in closed groups with parents’ authorisation.
  • It is mandatory to wear your own wetsuit and it is advisable to bring weatsuit boots. In winter, a 4/3 wetsuit is ideal.
  • The course is divided into four phases: 1- Paddle Surf board with anti-drift keels to learn how to balance and control the kite more easily. Learn how to control the kite depending o the wind. 2 –Drag (“Foilear”) being towed to get used to how to control the height of the board and how to control it at speed. 3 – E-foil, a motorised foil board to try out and experience the latest technological trends in this sport. 4 – Wingfoil, combine the lessons from the previous three phases and master the board.
  • We have facilities with toilets and changing rooms where you can change and take a shower after the course.
  • Groups of three people are required for the course to go ahead.
  • We organise private courses or with smaller group sizes on request.
  • Forfurther information, please consult our FAQ sheet “Frequently Asked Questions”.
How to book:
  • The full amount must be paid when you book through our website, by bank transfer or by credit card in our office (Unfortunately, we are unable to accept AMEX)
Cancellation and reservation policy: “click here”