Camino de Santiago by Sea: By way of the Estuary of Muros and Noia

There are countless ways to experience the world-renowned pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, but few are as
exhilarating as traveling by sea through the Ría de Muros Noia, the final stretch of the Rías Baixas. Embark on this epic
journey, which has been taken by thousands of pilgrims since the Second Crusade, aboard a sailboat for an unforgettable
experience with friends or loved ones.

This ninety-nautical-mile adventure, officially recognised by the Cabildo, will give you a taste of what it truly means to be a pilgrim. Along the way, you can get your pilgrim’s pasport stamped at the ports that mark the route. Cover the last twelve kilometers on foot,  from the town of Bertamiráns to the historic Galician capital of Santiago de Compostela.

Next date 26/06/2024
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Price per person: 1.200,00

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Camino de Santiago by Sea: By way of the Estuary of Muros and Noia

The pilgrimage of Santiago by sea is an unforgettable way to experience the journey to Santiago de Compostela while
taking in the stunning Galician coastline from one of our sailboats. This unique experience recreates the routes taken by the Knights Templar centuries ago during their crusade. On this maritime adventure, you will discover some of the most beautiful and lesser-known corners of the Rias Baixas. Upon completion, you will receive an official accreditation of your journey, known as “La Compostelana”. The Xacobean sailing route takes five days, including three days of sailing and three nights aboard a sailing cruiser. An additional day is required for the 12 km walk from Bertamiráns to Santiago de Compostela.


Departing from the port of Vigo and sailing to the port of Portosín is a three-day voyage covering 90 nautical miles. You will experience the full glory of the breathtaking Rías Baixas, from the estuary of Vigo to A Coruña and the estuary of Muros and Noia. The last day is a beautiful 12 km country walk from Bertamiráns to Santiago de Compostela.

  • Stage 1: We meet at the port of in Vigo.

You will be warmly welcomed on board in the afternoon before spending the night on board the sailboat, moored in the port of Vigo.

  • Stage 2: Vigo – Cíes Islands – Baiona (24 nautical miles)

Spend the night on board the sailboat, moored in the port of Baiona.

  • Stage 3: Baiona – Pedras Negras- Ribeira (34 nautical miles)

Spend the night on board the sailboat, moored in the port of Ribeira

  • Stage 4: Ribeira – Muros – Portosín (32 nautical miles)

Spend the night on board the sailboat, moored in the port of Portosín .

  • Stage 5: Portosín – Bertamiráns – Santiago de Compostela (12 km on foot)
Service includes:
  • Four nights accommodation on board the sailboat.
  • Bed sheets and pillows in the cabins (please note that you will need to bring your own sleeping bag).
  • Skipper who will also serve as your guide on board.
  • Half board catering (breakfast and lunch) on board.
  • Snacks (nuts, fruit) and water.
  • Moorings in ports.
  • Admission pass to the Cíes and Ons Islands (National Maritime-Terrestrial Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia).
  • Occupant insurance/third party liability insurance.
  • Pilgrim’s passport.
  • Shuttle service from disembarking the boat to the beginning of the stage on foot.
Information of interest:
  • Gift cards available! You can request a personalised gift to give to friends or family!
  • The departure and arrival point is the Real Club Náutico de Vigo.
  • This activity is available all year round.
  • A minimum group of 6 people is necessary for the trip to go ahead, up to a maximum of 8 people, plus the skipper.
  • Meals on board do not include alcoholic beverages.
  • For evening meals you can choose to go out to a restaurant or, as we always spend the night moored in port, you can
    make use of the kitchen.
  • This activity is tailor-made for private groups.
  • You can get your passport stamped in the marinas, restaurants, bars, any point where you stop.
  • Accommodation on board is in shared cabins. Private cabins are available at extra cost (300€).
  • The sailboat is avaialable for private groups and you may set your own dates and itinerary. Contact us for prices and availability of the boats and we will provide you with all necessary information. You can even rent the boat and take the trip without a skipper, provided you have the necessary qualifications.
  • There is the further option to extend the stage on foot to a 45km walk from Portosín to Santiago de Compostela (the last stretch of the Portuguese Way). This means that from the moment you get on board, until your arrival in Santiago de Compostela, you will not travel by car. Just keep in mind that you will need two additional days to finish the route.
  • Additional extras are available (shuttle service to and from the airport, luggage transfer, accompanying guide, hotels).
  • The route and schedule may be modified due to weather or safety issues based on the crew’s experience; this decision will be made by the skipper. Your safety is of the utmost importance.
  • For further information, please consult our FAQ sheet “Frequently asked Questions”
How to book:
  • The full amount must be paid when you book through our website, by bank transfer or by credit card in our office (Unfortunately, we are unable to accept AMEX).

Cancellation and reservation policy: “click here”

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