Where can I park my car during the renting time?

There are many public parking lots nearby although we have an agreement with one located 5 min away by feet.

How and where can I unload my baggage for taking it to the hired boat?

You can get by car through the barrier of “Real Club Náutico de Vigo” in front of Sailway store. There you will be able to unload the baggage whilst a member of the crew goes to the dock to bring you a cart to place your equipment. Your car shall not be left alone any moment due to it is a load/unload zone.

I can’t find Sailway store. Where is it exactly located? 

It is placed in the very “Estación Marítima de la Ría” (in Vigo), in the same building where you can buy tickets to Naviera Mar de Ons y Nabia to go to the Cies Isles and Cangas. The building is placed between “Real Club Náutico de Vigo” and A Laxe Shopping Centre.

Does the hired boat have kitchenware on board?

Yes, the is fully equipped with kitchen utensils for the max. passengers allowed aboard.

Does Sailway supply the boat according to my shopping list and to my liking?

With pleasure. Sailway’s team will make the purchase according to your previously sent list (2 days in advance). We will place it all in the boat so that you find it all clean and neat. This service has a 15% surcharge over the price of the shopping bill.

Is dockage at outlet port included in the contract?

Yes, dockage at starting point is included during your renting with us.

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