Sailway 365

Breaking product for all sea lovers who want to have their own boat and do not want to face the economic concerns and commitments arising from the purchase, maintenance and mooring .


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Sailway 365 is, without a doubt the cheapest way to enjoy seamanship with all of its advantages.

Through a monthly fee you will enjoy the boat ownership during one week a month all year long.

Each Sailway 365 member can choose his week according to a calendar and without restrictions, sail all the months of the year, both in low and high season.

The fleet available for this rental mode are 1st class boats from the brand Elan Marine, completely equipped with capacities of 6 and 8 people, depending on the chosen length. We offer two sailing models: cruise ship and cruise racing ship so you can choose your boat according to your preferences and family needs.

All boats are suitable to be steered with the P.E.R. (recreational boat skipper license).

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