Coastline sailing

It is a “master” level course where you can improve your sailing skills and techniques obtained in previous courses. It is a training which includes night sailing, sailing by the coast line and life on board. In Sailway Academy it is the last step for completing your training and consolidating you as a skipper. You will be the star of this experience.


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This is an immersion course with a duration of one weekend addressed to all those students who wish to take the final step in their sailing training. The sailing cruise combines following the coast line and night sailing. You will be actively participating in all maneuvers through rotations and you will discover the best way to optimize life on board. It is ideal for those navigators with enough knowledge who want to sail and put into practice what they have learned so far, taking it to the limit.

The service includes: Sailboat, fuel, instructor, accommodation on board (the cabins are double and shared), moorings at harbors, dinner on board on Saturday night, breakfast on board, drinks (water and beer). The course objectives are:

  • Safety on board, stowing and fastening harnesses and lifelines.
  • Practicing night navigation.
  • Interpreting lighthouses and lights on entry into the port
  • Identifying ships, lights and signs.
  • Intensive practices of sailing, with ground swell.
  • Anchoring and what to do in a situation of anchor dragging.
  • Communications, general knowledge of navigation.
  • Practicing docking and undocking.

The service does not include: Coats, sleeping bag, whatever is not covered above.

Price: 200€ per person – Weekends Friday from 20:00h through Sunday 14:00h

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