Night sailing course

This is a course that is intended for all those who know how to navigate, but still have some degree of uncertainty which prevents them from sailing at night with safety. It is also recommended to all those people with lack of knowledge or fear of sailing at night, with little or rare practice for recognizing signs, lighthouses and boat signaling.


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This monograph is a specific course oriented for practicing and learning a concrete maneuver, situation or matter. Perfect for experienced navigators who wish to consolidate their skills or remember and update them. The duration of the course is of 4 hours.

The service includes: Sailing instructor, workshop with a 4 hour trip on a cruise sailboat with a length between 9 and 12 meters. Departures and arrivals from Real Club Náutico de Vigo. Minimum groups of 4 people. The course objectives are:

  • Testing and operating lights. Spare parts.
  • Sailing farther away from the coast than during daytime.
  • Preventing that a crew member stays alone on deck.
  • Batting down deck and interiors during the maneuvering.
  • Using the safety harness under any weather conditions.
  • Using the lights for entering the harbor.
  • The frequency of the lights in lighthouses.
  • Recognizing the lights on ships.
  • Viewing the location on the plotter radar (Monitoring, filters, alarms, radar distances).

The service does not includeFood and drinks on board, water clothing or coats.

Price: 60€ VAT included