Advanced sailing course

This is a course of a more advanced level for those students who want to consolidate their basic navigation skills and the knowledge acquired during the initial phase. We will be working on sail trimming in the various courses and scenarios as well as on docking and undocking.


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It is a coastal and inland navigation where the main task is the search for wind through previously set objectives; you will advance in your training for an overall mastering of a sailboat.

The service includes: A nautical day trip of 12 hours aboard sailboats of 9 and 12 meters of lengths. Practical courses on maneuvering and mastering the boat and skipper training. Departures and arrivals from Real Club Náutico de Vigo.

The service does not include: Food and drinks on board, water clothing or coats.

Price: 120€ VAT included – 12 hours

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