Bonus 10

It’s a cheap way to rent a boat with a flat rate for sailing during the low season. You will be able to choose between 4 sailboats at the same price always: 145.20€/trip.


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Valid for 10 rental days.

Rental lasts from 10:00h to 20:00h. Half days are not counted.

The payment must be done before the first departure.

The Bonus 10 is only valid in low season rentals. From September 16th to May 31st (both inclusive).

It is valid for a year (since the first departure), once past the deadline, if you have not consumed your rental days, 10 days, you will not be able to use it out of term.

You can choose between the following fleet boats, checking availability previously:

  1. ElanPerformance 31
  2. Ro 330
  3. Elan Impression 344
  4. Elan Performance 37

The days can be consumed as preferred, this means, single days, several days straight, weekends included and even 10 days at once.

The last boat cleanup is not included in this cost. The customer must leave 25 € cash at the end of the day or rental period.

The fuel tank is provided full and it must be returned the same way or a surplus of 50€ will be charged for not refueling, additionally to the consume at start..

The check in and check out is only done in the customer’s presence at the first departure. The rest of deliveries and collections are done in office hours at Sailway.

We do not include lining, but we offer the possibility to hire this service for 25€ per cabin or bunk. (Includes bottom sheet, pillow with pillow case, body towel and amenities). 15€/ duvet with cover (1.60 m x 90 cm)